Barcelona: Day 2

My first impressions of this city are holding true. It’s a wonderful place to walk and come on new and fun things to laugh at and take pictures of.

We meandered over to the Parque de Ciutadella which has an incredible fountain and was also FULL of teenagers of all descriptions. Why there were a  million 14-18 year-olds spreading their weird hormonal awkwardness all over this beautiful park were beyond us. We tried to stay as far away as possible and achieved a good distance until it started to rain then it was funny watching them run from the rain screaming “il pleut!” [Rain!] (Which, when taken out of context and screamed out loud, to an English pair of ears, sounded like a bunch of people going El Poo! El Poo!).

We went to the Chocolate Museum after it started to sprinkle El Poo. The museum is close to our apartment and seemed like a good choice… it wasn’t. Save yourself the 4 Euro, if you’re ever in town. The museum was small and the only thing it featured that was somewhat cool were really strange chocolate caricatures that local artists had made including an exceptionally weird chocolate montage of Louis Armstrong playing a trumpet.

After a really disappointing hot chocolate at the bar in the lobby (you are a chocolate museum… you can’t serve mediocre chocolate ANYTHING and not lose face!) we decided to go check out the Gaudi Cathedral, or The Sagrada Familia Basilica which is an awesome church, in every sense of the word! The ticket price to get in was expensive (15 Euro) but was worth every penny. From the outside, the basilica looks like it is melting, the architecture is unlike anything I’ve seen before. Inside it was etherial, like something the Elves in Lord of the Rings would have built.  The pillars were fashioned after trees, reaching high up and then blossoming into branches and a canopy of leaves and stars which shimmered with gold on the roof. We entered the church at 6pm which was perfect because the setting sun hit all of the stained glass and sent bundles of reds, greens, blues and yellows to spill over the white marble like bright clothes.

I wouldn’t call Sagrada Familia a good place for meditation, Angkor Wat was meditative (even with all the people), this was busy, bustling and noisy and there was no place to go to leave those sounds behind. But, even still, we found a small alcove and stared at the angel heads that were carved into the rock and cried from the sheer beauty, like in a fucking movie, it was that good.

Our walk back led us to a random tapas bar that we decided to gamble on. For less than 30Euro, we had: Duck confit; 4 glasses of wine; spinach and pumpkin salad; and smoked salmon and tartar on toast… oh, and after talking up our waiter (“…we’re from New York City, teehee!”) we got a free slice of chocolate cake: win.

Another great day, Barcelona.

April 22, 2015 at 6:05 pm by Natalie Allen