I’m graduating with a CELTA (teaching) certificate in a week, I’m looking for summer school jobs, I’m looking for anything to get me out of the food service industry, my Mom is battling ovarian cancer, I’m leaving for Ecuador in a few weeks and I just got engaged. To say the least: I’m feeling incredibly overwhelmed.

A friend told me last night, over our third pilsner, that everyone will try and give me advice; the best thing I can do is whatever I want to do. Mom told me to store all the advice in an empty room in my mind and sift through it whenever I’m ready. The drunk friend I ran into (and didn’t recognize until he repeated my name five times) on the way out of the bar last night said that I look beautiful (guess the stress hasn’t given me too many pimples!). Advice is everywhere, and in all forms.

In a perfect world, where I can do whatever I want: I have no budget for a wedding, we plan a huge affair that involves everyone we know at a wonderful venue with delicious food and booze and a honeymoon that lasts 6 months. I get a job as an English teacher in Europe that pays me well  and my future husband and I spend the next few years learning, I dunno, Dutch, before we decide to have two kids and move to New Zealand. How do I achieve that goal?

Any advice? I’ll store it in my empty mind room and sift through it in due time.

May 23, 2014 at 6:16 pm by Natalie Allen