English as a First Language

Goddammit! (Which is an exclamation, a simple sentence consisting of one clause) These grammar lessons are hard. (A statement, and has a predicative adjective because the adjective comes after the verb “to be”.) I cannot believe I’ve spoken english my whole life and taken for granted how lucky I am that I did not have to learn this confusing language as an adult! (A complex sentence bound together by the conjunction ‘and’).

I feel like an actor who knows all the lines to a play and none of the blocking. I can feel my way through the production well enough, but I get confused  about where I should be standing as I deliver my lines. The cool thing is that I feel as if I have entered a new fraternity of English speakers, a group of people who know the key to this language and can explain its whiles and irregularities. Now, I just need to learn how to teach all these rules which are simple enough, I suppose, if I use my gesticulations and facial expressions to convey what I’m trying to teach (you should see me as I try to study all this, I wave my hands up to my mouth SO many times…)

I’m looking forward to teaching (even if my cuticles keep winding up in my mouth). Every time I learn knew things I feel as though I gain more power and authority, or at least another gold star for trying hard (I’ve got a lot of those right now).

I will start late March. (Statement, simple sentence with: verb, attributive adjective, pronoun).

February 19, 2014 at 4:15 am by Natalie Allen