Interview With My 9 Year Old Self

An interview with the 9 year old Natalie. (These are actual notes written by me in a journal from 1995 and 1996.)

Q: If you were a ghost, what would you do?

A: I would scare the skin off my friend Sonia who does not believe in ghosts. Then, I would try to make my sister invisible just like me, but I would try not to scare too much. I would sneak in to the lottery room [MegaMillions, I’m assuming] and look at all the numbers and the next day I would play and win. Then I would go to the toy store, but I give the money to the store owner but he would run away and so will the workers and the whole toy store would be mine! And I would play with all the toys. The end.

Q: Can you tell me about a story idea you’ve been working on?

A: The Dummy Who Came to Life: Long ago there lived two men. One named Bill and the other named Phil, and these guys were poor.

Q: What would you like to be when you grow up?

A: A scientist and a poet. As a scientist I would like to answer all the questions there is to answer. And as the poet I would write books of little stories. What would I not like to be when I grow up? A garbage truck person because the garbage truck is stinky and it makes a lot of noise.

Q: Can you talk about a scary memory you have?

A: I have a sister named Caitie. It was a scary time for her that day when we were down in the subway station. We were about to get out [of a subway car] when Caitie fell. Her leg [was] in the door and the other one between the train and the tracks. Then the train started to move. I could not look! My Mom and Dad ran over to her and grabbed her hands and pulled and got her out in the nick of time. I almost fainted I was so scared. That is my story that is true and now I am done: no more more to tell you.

Q: Any new additions to your life recently?

A: Today my windows are coming! New windows. Why? Because my building is 91 years old and my windows are like plastic, like, when the wind blows it wags back and forth, but these new windows are double pain glass. Very easy to wash.

Q: What is a dream of yours that you wish would come true?

A: Flying [is] my greatest dream. Flying just like the wind. Flying up so high I would barely touch the sky. Houses would be like ants. I feel like a giant in a trance. I [would be] flying past the park [and] the trees are so green, I feel like I am in a dream. Now I am flying higher than the sky! [It would be] so fun if I could fly.



November 23, 2013 at 8:18 pm by Natalie Allen