Dear New Zealand

Dear New Zealand,

I’m Natalie, a New Yorker (not an American like someone from Ohio might be). Being that I’m a New Yorker, I pride myself on having a pretty sharp sense of sarcasm and a deep love of intelligence and experience. From what I’ve heard of you, you seem to share these attributes as well: Great! I think we’ll get along just fine.

It’s funny, I always thought of you as some far away land I’d never go see. I thought if I ever did get down there I’d go to Australia which seemed to have more of a draw and even that continent seemed impossibly far away. When I was growing up my dad would tell stories of his trip to visit you. He went with his brother back in the 80’s for three weeks. He made it sound like a fairy tale, not a real place; I mean, as a New Yorker, I had to work extra hard to believe that New Zealand had some of the nicest and friendliest people. Nice, friendly people? They exist!? How nice! I love friendly nice people!

I must be honest: I’m a bit nervous about meeting you and yours. I’m going specifically to meet my boyfriend’s parents and family. I’m not so nervous about the meeting, just more that I could wind up getting really overwhelmed. Then again, I think about the 10,000 people I was a part of while watching the Philharmonic in Central Park and the pandemonium over meeting up with friends and coordinating beer runs through the crowd, and then eventually walking home packed together like sheep because it’s so crowded and I think: New Zealand? Bring it.

Dad always said I could do anything. Mom always said I could do anything. My boyfriend says I can do anything. So, that means I can do anything: including making the leap and flying down to you to spend a month. I’m feeling pretty excited about it overall. I can do anything. Including this.

On a selfish note, I’m stoked about having another country I can say I’ve been to. Thailand, Cambodia, India, and others will look quite nice when I add your shiny penny to my experience wall. You’ll compliment them well.

Also, I’m a really big sucker for Lord of the Rings. I’m sorry if my American core flies her freak flag a little here, but the idea of putting on a white dress like Galadriel and standing on, I dunno, a rock ledge with sweeping mountains in the background and wind in my hair while I chant some Elvin song, sounds so incredibly epic. So epic, in fact, that the entire trip could go to shit but would be worth it if I got to do that.

Anyway: I’m really looking forward to meeting you and taking a ton of photos and writing a ton of stuff about you. You’re not so ethereal any more, that’s for sure. I’ve got airline tickets that tell me where to be and a plane will take me there.

Here’s to us finally meeting! I can’t wait.



July 18, 2013 at 4:00 pm by Natalie Allen