After giving each other a big hug at the subway, The Musician thanked me again for the wonderful day. I agreed, feeling really excited about life in general. That was exactly what I wanted and needed.

When I got home I got on the phone with my buddy from Chicago.

“So you just left when you were done?”

“…No. He made me dinner and we relaxed a bit. He even walked me to the subway. He was really sweet.”

“But, you’re not sleeping over?”

“Ha! No! I have to wake up at 5:30am. I wasn’t going to sleep over. I couldn’t.”

“Wow. I’ve never done that before.”

“What? Had sex with someone and then left once it was over?”



“Wait… lemme think… yeah, no, never. I always slept over.”

“That’s because I had a Day-Lay. We were all wrapped up before 9pm. And I had to go.”

We chatted for a while longer before I hung up the phone.

Day-Lay [Dey-layeeee.] Verb. An action describing a homerun with a person during “Afternoon Delight” hours. (See: Afternoon Delight for reference.)

I don’t think “Good Girls” have Day-Lays. However, I think if a date went really well and all the ingredients add up (work gets cancelled, the day out is beautiful) and there was a 4+ hour discussion involving feminism, philosophy, religion, science, long international flights, point of views on naked neighbors and all happening over the refreshing taste of cold white wine, then… well… Life’s a peach. And “Good Girls” who would walk out on that can be so boring.

May 23, 2013 at 4:30 pm by Natalie Allen