Subway Flirt

Me. New Haircut. Feeling cute and flirty (I hate the adjectives cute and flirty, but I feel like them despite myself.)

“N” train platform. Me. Walking down the edge with a little bounce in my step. Running my hands through my shorter and lighter hair.

Him. On the platform edge. He’s looking out for an oncoming train. He has big white headphones on, cargo pants and a sweatshirt. Hello baby blue eyes.

Me. Hi. But, with my eyes.


Me. I’ll just stand over here, in your periphery, and surreptitiously make eye contact with you. 

Him. Looking over. Catching my eyes. Awkwardly turning away. Checking his phone.

Me. “I feel pretty! Oh so pretty! I feel pretty and witty and fine! And I pity, and girl who isn’t me tonight. La la la la…”

Train. Pulls in. Oh, look at that! The door fit perfectly between the two of us. We enter. I stand by the door. I need the next stop.

Him. In the car. Checking his phone. (For what?) Me. Leaning against the door. Train starts to pull into station. He walks over to me by the door. I look him dead in the face.


Me. Still looking him full on. He diverts his gaze. Uh oh. I feel stupid.

“Sorry. You look familiar to me.” I say.

“What’s that?” He responds, blushing deeply and pulling off his headphones.

“I said, you look familiar. That’s why I was staring at you.” I say, feeling my own face get hot.

“Oh.” He says, going even more red. He puts on his headphones again. Checks his phone.

Train pulls in to station. We get off. We stand apart on the platform as we each wait for the transfer.

I feel less mysterious.

I look up for Him. He’s still on the platform, but is now just another body waiting for the train.

Me. On the platform for the “7” train. Another guy catches my eye.

I check my phone instead.

March 27, 2013 at 3:30 pm by Natalie Allen