The Parting Point

We walked across 5th avenue, my scarf pulled up around my cheeks as the cold, early February wind made me want to whine while it whistled through the caverns the midtown skyscrapers create. I glanced to my left and noticed we were close to the “parting point” where we say our good-bye’s and then go our separate ways. I’m no expert on guys, nor am I an expert on what the etiquette is when you say goodbye to someone you spent the night with, so I was eager to collect more data: starting with what he would do when I sarcastically said, “Well, I’ll let you go here. My stop’s right over there. Are you sure you’re safe enough to walk the twenty feet to work? Or should I escort you to the entrance? It’s a dangerous neighborhood, you know.” I looked up at his 6’4″ face that seemed feet above me. He chuckled. “I think I’ll be alright.” He answered.

In the past, when I say goodbye the next morning I’ll try and keep it light. Hey, uh, good hanging with you… uhm, bye? See you…around? and then there’s an awkward hug, or a kiss on the cheek or (my favorite!) the arm squeeze (which is really not my favorite at all!). Then, off they go on their important missions (because men ALWAYS have an important mission!) and they don’t look back or do any of that bull-shit romantic movie crap where they linger inches above your face, stroke your hair tenderly and tell you how wonderful last night was. I’ve given up expecting anything more than an arm squeeze at this point, because that seems to be all I can get from them when I’ve awkwardly stood by our “parting point” and waited for them to make a move they never make. (Is it because kissing is so scary!? I mean: c’mon! We had sex for chrissake!)

So, it came as a pleasant surprise when I delivered my sarcastic IDidntGetMuchSleepLastNight line and he pulled me in for a kiss. UH, WHAT!? You’re kissing me goodbye!? On 44th street!? We could be SEEN! And right after that thought I could only experience and analyze the phycological equivalent of light, fluffy, pink bubbles popping in and around my head and body.

“Do me a favor.” He said, when he pulled away. “Don’t eat when you get home. Just, go right back to sleep. Do it for me. Hell, do it for the both of us, please? Today’s gonna suck and one of us should at least get a good nap.” I nodded. I smiled a big goofy I’veOnlyGotBubblesPoppingInMyBrain smile. I turned on my heel and walked toward the subway as he waved goodbye and walked toward work.

He kissed me! He kissed me full on! Like, a real goodbye should be! I want to kiss everybody! *Pop!* *Pop!* *Pop!*

Alright, Mr. Kiss: that’s how to make an entrance.

February 5, 2013 at 6:09 am by Natalie Allen