The Birth of a New Apartment

New Year: Big changes. My room mates are moving today. It’s a pretty strange experience for me. My room is pretty much unchanged, and then the minute I step out my door the apartment looks nothing like it did a few weeks ago. 

I’m at the birth of a new era, and am currently experiencing the labor pains. 
I wrote a blog post about feeling like I was the only female in a sea of testosterone. That was a while ago. Since that post, and really in the last few weeks, I have gone from being in a sea of men to a sea of women. I’m now going to be living with women, I work with a woman at work, and I have a more female friends. Interesting. 
As I watched the now ex-roommates pack their stuff and go, I stood in the middle of the changed living room and took in the bare walls and blank floors. The lone mirror that sat propped against the pile of stuff my sister and I have showed my reflection. I made a “Rosie The Riveter” fist. We Can Do It! I then noticed, above one of the door frame to the bedrooms, a “MEN” restroom sign was still stuck to the wall. When that sign was first put up I jokingly cut out paper and created a “WO-MEN” sign instead so as to feel more included. The sign was just the MEN again, glinting with the distant window’s reflection, and reminding me of a bar-room toilet. I looked at it for a moment. Then, I reached up and without hesitation ripped the sign from the wall, throwing it on the pile of stuff the boys need to take. 
It’s 2013 now; out with the old. 

January 1, 2013 at 9:11 pm by Natalie Allen