Mr. No Call No Show

We meet at a function of some sort, we hit it off (or at least, think we hit it off), numbers are swapped, and then I go home with a smile on my face about the excitement over meeting this cool new dude. 

He seems fun the more I know about him! He knows some of my friends, we’ve got similar interests, and when asked, mutual friends have nothing but great things to say. Awesome. 
He sets up a date. Great! Let’s meet on that day we said we were both free! Ok! See ya!
That day comes around and, whoops… his grandma died, so he is really busy. Could you reschedule?
No problem. I’m patient, and grandmas dropping dead are a big deal. I understand. 
He said he’ll let me know when he’s free, like, really soon. Then, we’ll both go on a wonderful date and hit it off and then start dating and get married (in a beautiful country setting with a stone house and a farm in the background) and then the kids we will have will be beautiful and when they are old enough we’ll will tell them how we met. How romantic!
A few days go by….
Then a few more.
Um… hmm. Hey? Is your grandma still dead? You free any time this week?
No response. 
Wait a minute. 
Oh no. I just met a Mr. No Call No Show, didn’t I?
What a waste! Dammit! Your grandma isn’t dead, is she!?! NOOOO!! I believed you! 
Argh! Mr. No Call No Show’s are so annoying because there is no sign around their neck that indicate their flake-fest! Damn! Where’s the warning label? 
Whatever. I’m fine. Just, for my own good, Mr. No Call No Show, please don’t text me in a month and ask to hang…. ‘Cause I might say yes despite myself, and that’s really a thought I don’t want to think about. Then the sign around my neck will say: “Little Miss Sucker” and you’d be able to read that loud and clear.

January 15, 2013 at 5:04 am by Natalie Allen