Chocolate, Amen.

I sat at my kitchen window, staring out at what looked like a very pretty day and trying to find any kind of motivation to get the hell out of the apartment. I thought about running, or going to the gym. Maybe I could take a small walk around the neighborhood… It seemed like each idea I had was just another reason for me to fall back into aimlessly searching for pictures of couches I would never buy for a living room that is still sitting unused and full of detritus.

My new room mate, Nina, came home with a buddy and began to chat with me a bit. I suddenly had a mission. “I need chocolate, Nina!” I stated.

“Why don’t you come out with me to Duane Reade and you can get yourself some!” she responded. Great idea.

After getting the 10 dollar Russell Stover red heart full ‘o assorted chocolates, I walked back toward my apartment feeling triumphant. I didn’t even wait to get in the door: out in the street I ripped open the red wrapping and pulled out a piece of butter cream dark chocolate and ate it in two bites feeling a big stupid grin rip across my face.

No man? No sex? Got a period that’ll never end? Feeling Fat? Feeling lazy? Feeling yucky and sorry for yourself?

Chocolate. Chocolate will make it all better.


January 19, 2013 at 8:10 pm by Natalie Allen