The "Grateful For" List

…As promised, the first of the series for December’s “Grateful For” List

1. No Line For The Bathroom.

I can never underestimate the relief felt when I have to pee really, really bad and can zoom right in to a convenient potty. The best situations are when I have been out all day (say: walking around or shopping) and that second coffee I had hits me like a ton ‘o bricks. The Starbucks of New York City are the deposit stations for the New York City public’s bladders. Finding a branch of the coffee chain that actually has an open¬†restroom, ready to use is, well, just short of a miracle.

2. A Chance To Stretch Out My Arms.

I am constantly tucking my arms in close, holding my hands in front of me as I wiggle through bodies getting to and from. Especially when I am at work I find I can hold my arms in a 90 degree L shape for hours as I carry plates and trays full of food. But, when the room empties, or the subway car expels the thousands of commuters and I find I have a couple of feet of space: Heaven. Sometimes, when I stretch really wide I can crack my elbows, fingers, and sternum. I feel like I take in a little more of everything else that exists on the planet, and not just how tight I feel.

3. Oh! That Song I Love Coming On the Speakers!

Sitting in a coffee shop, sipping a cup of steaming Jo,’ writing a blog entry maybe, and then: *Cue Song* start the finger tapping, foot jiggling, word mouthing, smile inducing, awesome-fest that that song can do for me. ¬†Takes my day up a few notches.

4. Secretly Staring At A Hottie

Oh, bless you, you good looking, white toothed, well groomed, seemingly intelligent cutie pie, you. I am so grateful for you as a target for inspiration.

5. Comforting Words

Currently, they are much needed. A pat on the back, a smile, an acknowledgement of someone’s positive opinion of me is so good to hear. Many times, being human and all, I find myself confronted with fears of the unknown, with situations outside of my comfort zone, with unpleasent decisions, and conflicting emotions. Sometimes, all it takes is a: “Hey, you’re doing great.” And I can feel myself getting a small bump from life to keep my chin up, keep heading forward, and to stay true to myself. That’s important, and I am so grateful for that.

December 2, 2012 at 9:32 pm by Natalie Allen