Silence, Melted Wax, Electronics, and People

1. Silence

When loud music stops playing, and the dust settles, there is a certain wonder in the silence left behind. Whenever a set ends at work and I can close the cabaret down, I love to feel my shoulders relax and my head float a little instead of working hard to protect myself from the barrage of sound waves.

2. Melted Wax

Playing with the melted wax that has run down the side of a candle is so much fun. I also feel a sense of duty to play with the wax, seeing as it is waste anyway, right? Plus, the little shapes I make under the pressure of the cooling temperature freezing whatever it is in place semi-permanantly causes me to think on my finger tips and lets me forget whatever it is I was doing before (like listening to a relative talk about something I lost interest in).

3. Someone Obnoxious Getting Some Sweet Karma Dumped On Them

I’m at the coffee shop, it’s warm and toasty and quiet except for the fat-fuck who decided to whip out their cellphone and yammer away about their dumb god-daughter who wasn’t appreciative enough when they were over last weekend. This person has also draped their big-ass winter jacket off the side of their chair, all but blocking the tiny aisle needed to move in and around the cafe. I watch as a 20-something college student squeezes past, and as they do they leave a giant grey, salty, slushy footprint on the coat. Awesome.

4. All My Electronics Working

There is nothing more annoying than trying to get a simple task done, like checking email, and your computer doesn’t turn on. Or, when all you want to do it veg out and watch some TV and the cable box is getting bad reception and everyone on the screen is fuzzy, pixilated, and delayed. So, when the electronics do work: I barely notice, but it’s the way it should be; which I am grateful for.

5. Getting A Correspondence From Someone I Haven’t Heard From In A While

Picking up the phone and going: Hey! It’s You! And you texted Me!¬†How nice! I am fine! Glad to know you’ve been thinking of me. That’s really nice. Sure, I’d love to talk to you and catch up and get all the juicy gossip about what you’ve been up to. I would love to sit down and take an hour and a half out of my day and talk on the phone about everything happening in my life with you. Thank you so much for reaching out, that really made my day!

December 3, 2012 at 5:59 pm by Natalie Allen