I’ll Marry You If You Smell Like Fresh Bread

1. Fresh Baked Bread

The smell of it! The taste! The texture! The melted butter and cool jam! Oh! I could stuff my face with fresh baked bread all day! If a man figured out how to spray himself with that just-out-of-the-oven smell  I would marry him. How could I resist? Well.. If you looked like a hairy, man-beast, with one eye, terrible farts, and a lack of intelligence, I may need to resist. Sorry.

2. Decorating

…Anything, really. I love having the power to look at a room and think: I’m gonna put a chair in that corner, curtains on that window, and my bed spread will look like: this. The only problem with really enjoying decorating is actually getting the stuff I imagined using in the first place. If Target doesn’t have the right color that means I have to sniff around on the internet until I find the right thing. Totally Lame.  Oh, and also: decorating can be expensive. Have you checked out the prices at West Elm? Hesoo Christus.

3. Waking Up With an Idea in my Head

It’s morning (well, if you can count 11am as morning) and I wake up and I have a brilliant idea for a short story! Or, a poem! Or a blog post :) I sometimes pull out my journal and hand write 3 pages the minute I wake up, just so I can keep some of those thought bubbles fresh. Honestly, after a few hours when I go back to look at the original idea I find that it wasn’t as brilliant as what I thought it was, but, still waking up feeling inspired is a great feeling.

4. Knowledge

I listen to TED talks and chew over the information I can gather from those lectures. I love digesting the information I just received, pouring over details and processing new bits of meaty information. The best part is then spewing the information out again when I am in a social situation. Someone may have an anecdote about a pop-culture reference or a human behavioral observation, and I’ll immediately have a cool thought to share because I heard it earlier that day from an expert. I love telling people what I know: it makes me feel smart, and I feel like I give the people listening a little gift of information, too.

5. Finishing a Project I’ve Been Wanting to Finish

That damn cross-stitch project has been winking at me for months and I’ve done nothing but kick it under the bed and ignore it! When I do finish it, though, I feel like I just made my entire life a little better. Or, even finishing a book gives me a thrill, like I just accomplished a small journey on nothing but my own will-power to see the thing through to the end.

December 13, 2012 at 8:38 pm by Natalie Allen