Favors, Warm Sensations, and Thoughtfulness

1. Getting Taken Out To Lunch/Dinner/Breakfast

…Well, any meal really. I’ve done my fair share of “picking up the tab” when out on dates (by the way, I feel like I’ve done more of that than the average gal, why are so many dudes so damn broke!?) So, when I get taken out for a meal, I feel like it’s an extra special treat to not have to whip out the wallet and shell out the money. I think that someone offering to pay is a really nice thing to do, and I am not in favor of a guy paying for every meal every time, but offering to do so on the first couple of dates is a great way to earn bonus points. I’ll always offer to pay my share! But, man, do I feel thankful when I get the: “Please. I got this.” look. Sweet.

2. Running

I grew up thinking I would never do it. I started going to the gym and stayed away from the treadmills because I was convinced I would screw up my knees and hips if I started to jog. So far, I’ve been pretty healthy and haven’t had any major issues with the running I’ve been doing the last couple weeks. Plus, I feel like a total badass when I’m jogging around in my Ray-Ban’s and I bypass a group of people my age who are all bundled up and sad looking when the wind blows and I’ve got fresh steaming sweat pooling in my bra. Screw you, December! This 50 degree weather is perfect for a half hour jaunt through the neighborhoods of Queens! I love being able to run!

3. Eating Without Any Guilt

I have a terrible habit of guilting myself about what I eat. Not always, but most of the time, I feel like I could have made a better choice, or that I’m damning myself to a life of blubber by eating a scoop of frozen yogurt. But now that I’ve gone Gluten Free (or as close to it as I can) I have been pigging out on food that doesn’t make me feel guilty at all. I have scruples about women beating themselves up over their image, and I hate that I am also a stereotype of that (I’m well aware of how dumb I must sound when I lament about having eaten too much chocolate). I am grateful for the sense of “I’m only gonna’ live once so screw it, I’ll have that heaping bowl full of mac and cheese” that the working out and diet change has given to me.

4. Steam In My Face

When I make a big pot of boiling water, and I take the lid off to check the status of the pot, and a big plume of warm steam hits my face: Heaven. Or, when I walk into a sauna and the heat hits my whole body, and I feel like I walked into a really hot cloud… I love that feeling. I just love being warm. Period.

5. Thoughtfulness

I think: Oh, yeah. I need to take that bad bag of garbage out this morning after I wake up. And I walk down to my kitchen and my sister has already taken the bag out, put in a new one, and even put away some dishes without me asking or prompting her to. That’s so awesome. Or, when I’m in a relationship with someone, and when I get home and they have a dinner ready for me so I’m not starve-o-la, that feels really good, too.

December 5, 2012 at 10:07 pm by Natalie Allen