Entertainment, Eating, and the Gym

1. The Beatles

I can listen to their songs over and over and sing along to every inflection and word and still feel like there are pieces I missed and am discovering for the first time. “Honey Pie” and “Martha My Dear” and “All You Need Is Love” are some of my favorites, but I won’t skip any song that comes on my shuffle. The group is also awesome to listen to when not sober, because all the songs are so popular everyone can sing along: drunk, stoned or sober!

2. Pumping Irons Like a Badass

Need I say more? Anyone who shows up to the gym willing to BRING IT┬áis, in my book, a badass mo’fo.’ I especially love seeing people who look like they haven’t picked up anything larger than a paperweight getting under a weight machine until they literally sweat their shirt off. I know there are social boundaries to what is polite and acceptable in a public place, but I find myself wanting to shout “Get up under that weight, and pump ’til you feel bettah’!” and then running over and slapping the floor in front of then going: Pump It! Get It! You Effin Rock!

(I think we all could use a little obnoxious cheering in our daily lives, no? If I had a squad of cheerleaders crying my victory every time I went for a jog or decided to drink water instead of soda, I’d be pretty excited about the mundane a whole lot more than usual.)

3. My Sister Being a Baker

So, my sister is a baker and you can read her stuff here. But, like, she’s really good at what she makes, and I should know because I eat A LOT of it. I am especially grateful when I get home and she’s got a whole crap load of cookies steaming on the stove and the apartment smells like sugar, butter and spices. Yum! I’m so lucky! Oh, and she also reviews other bakeries and cafe’s so now she’s coming home with other people’s wares so I get to try other cool stuff, too! All I have to do is come home! Winning!

4. That Awkward Moment That Happens, and Then I Get a Text to Run Away To.

That title pretty much nails how amazing it feels to be in a really weird and uncomfortable situation, like seeing someone I used to be friends with, but am not anymore, and I really don’t want to engage, and BAM! A blissfully informative and vital text from a buddy stating that they are going to the gym and would I like to join? and then they then inform me that I am a poopy-pants. Brilliant. Sorry awkward-taco of a person I am really trying to avoid: I have this incredibly important correspondence here and I need to bow my head and pretend that my life is so full of people that I can’t engage with you. Yes, please continue to walk on out of my life. ‘K thanks. And by the way, friend that texted me: You are a filthy shart bucket. Yes, I will go to the gym.

5. Seeing a Good Movie in Theaters

Considering that the price of a movie ticket is now over 14 bucks here in New York, I feel like going to see a flick in the theaters is a process that needs to have a positive outcome, otherwise, I’ll be pretty pissed off. I like to look at reviews of the potential movie, I ask around, I do research about the stars and then, only when I am positive that the curiosity about the film is so insatiable that I can’t wait for the DVD release, will I go and drop a pound of flesh, I mean, 14 dollars on the ticket. I do so enjoy a night at the movies, though. I love munching on popcorn, eating a box of Milk Duds and chatting about the previews and how bad I think the next wave of cinema looks. Plus, going to the movies is a large dose of nostalgia for me, it’s what we used to do when I was little, a way to spend time with the whole family that doesn’t involve stuffing our faces.

December 6, 2012 at 10:31 pm by Natalie Allen