Bye 2012

Dear 2012,

A great year was had.

In truth, I wouldn’t change anything I’ve done. No regrets. I feel really happy about that.

I feel like, in my life, if I were to sum up this part I’m living right now; I’d be in the middle of the “build up” chapters where the reader gets a ton of information and back story and plot points, but knows that bigger and better are coming soon.

I can’t wait for bigger and better! I know they will be here VERY soon. The first “better” being in January, when I officially take on the lease in my apartment and clean house, paint, and set up the place for new tenants. Sweet. I’ll have my own room again! I won’t be sharing with my sister! AHHH!

Peru and Bolivia are in my sights this spring.

I’m gonna start coaching and performing Improv consistently this next year.

I’ll meet more Kismet’s, Cutie’s, and Serendipity’s. Uh Huh. Oh ‘effin yeah.

Oh, and the 5 pounds I’ve lost? I’m gonna make that 10 pounds, then, I’ll score another feature film, which I’ll be perfect for.

I’m gonna live the hell out of this next year: 25 never looked so damn good.

‘k thanx, byeeee.


December 31, 2012 at 6:51 am by Natalie Allen