The Holy Kiss

I got caught staring at a large black man clearly enjoying the jazz that was being played at my job last night. He was nodding his head and shutting his eyes and muttering “Damn!”under his breath. At each key change he’d nod his head in affirmation, like he had just taken a swallow of something really yummy. I couldn’t stop staring at his utter enjoyment.

He looked over at the bar I was standing behind and caught my eye. I smiled, beckoning him to the bar. I felt I needed to explain myself further. The song ended and the man got up and walked over. I leaned in over the bar toward his face and he leaned in over the bar toward my face. I moved to whisper in his ear and he moved in to kiss me on the cheek. I felt his warm soft lips brush my face and could feel myself blush a deep crimson. 
What? Wait. No! That’s not why I called you over!! Oh… awkward. 
I tried to rescue to the pause after I pulled away from him with a huge smile. “I like to watch people enjoy the music.” I whispered as the next song vamped up. “Do you want a beer?” He pointed to an IPA and I jumped away, eager to get out of his circle. I smiled as I handed him the beer and waved away his money. “It’s on us.” I said. He put the money in the tip jar and moved back to his seat. 
I tried to focus on the music, but my mind started buzzing. That stranger, that worshipper of music just kissed my cheek. I don’t know him from Adam and he just ambled over and as soon as I leaned in he planted one right on my face. I smiled, unsure of how to really feel about the occurrence. I guess I liked that. I didn’t feel threatened by it, or anything. I looked out over the other heads of the nodding patrons, all there to experience the jazz and to drink in the sounds. I moved to make my way up the aisle that parts the small room I work in and did it more for the purpose of feeling the reverence of the listeners than to take drink orders. It’s like walking through a church sermon in a church full of very dedicated converts. 
As I collected a few empty glasses I wondered if the “Holy Spirit” of the room would cause someone else to kiss me one day. I didn’t mind that idea. I got the sense that the kiss came from a place of bliss through worship than any sexual drive. I smiled. And who says the power of prayer is only for churches?

October 22, 2012 at 4:41 am by Natalie Allen