I’m still reeling from the last 24 hours. I met a guy. I went on a date with him. And then, I had the most amazing morning waking up next to this person and experiencing the thrill of meeting someone you feel like you’ve known for a whole lot longer than just a few hours.

I don’t want to jump to conclusions. I have in the past… In fact, I’ve jumped to such extremes with certain people I’ve met that I begin to plan my wedding day with them in mind after only knowing them for a few weeks. I’m trying to keep a level head. I don’t want to label anything, I don’t want to get any hopes up (especially mine!) about this guy and then be horribly disappointed.

We met at the opening of one of my best friend’s play. I dropped my coat off in the auditorium and turned around to go use the bathroom when I saw what I thought was a familiar looking face in the light booth of the theatre, so I waved hello. He waved back. Then, on second thought, I realized I didn’t actually know him and felt a bit embarrassed. The second time I walked past the booth during intermission I smiled so I looked like all was intentional. He smiled back.

I waited for my friend to come out of the stage door so I could congratulate him. He came out all smiles and I wished him well. Then in slo-mo: there was the stranger who smiled at me in the light booth coming across the lobby. I saw this third potential interaction as a huge opportunity! “Hi. I’m Natalie.” I said, reaching out my hand. He took my hand and replied. “Hi, I’m Kismet.” (Ok, so Kismet is super duper not his name, but I think you all get the idea here with the name changes.)

Kismet has blue eyes (surprised?), he’s European (another one!!), speaks 3 languages (“What’s the word for boobies in french?”) and is pursuing a masters in Theatre Directing (Oh! I just died a little from a nerdy meltdown over the potential ideas we could hypothetically bounce back and forth in late night idea exchanges).

Our first date was a pretty sloppy snog-fest. We each had a couple beers and then wound up making out in the 2nd bar we were in before deciding to take the show on the road and make-out more while walking down and then up Amsterdam avenue while splitting a large can of BudLight and ogling the brownstones that lead to the Museum of Natural History. Winning!

I guess what really got me most about Kismet was the sheer comfort I felt being around him when I woke up in his room the next morning and felt no embarrassment or awkwardness. It was a truly wonderful change. We spent the entire morning, and a small chunk of the afternoon, making breakfast together, listening to music and locked in an epic cuddle-fest. Cutie was not the most comfortable experience, it was a fun time, but I never felt particularly warm about him. Kismet, however, walked me to the subway this morning and full on kissed me outside the entrance before shyly asking if I wanted to “…do this again sometime, or something?” I died. Melted right to the floor. Except, in real time I tried to keep a straight face. “Yeah, sure. I’d really like that.”

Oh! Kismet! I’m such a romantic! I’m such a sucker for public displays of affection! And plus, any guy who gives me a wink and a thumbs up when I put on Beethoven’s 9th Symphony as a breakfast background noise is a major winner in my book. That symphony’s, like, super nerdy and over an hour. And then, he put on Beethoven’s 5th Symphony as a followup. Hot.

October 27, 2012 at 3:57 pm by Natalie Allen