Getting Dumped: 2012 Style

I feel like I just got dumped because I never heard back from Cutie yesterday after my prompt of “You doing anything tonight?” never got a response. After concluding that that was the “I’m breaking this off” text that wasn’t actually sent, I hung up my Cutie “hat” and moved on. I am not devastated, nor am I in need of any consolation. I got the message loud and clear. I am left wondering at the way we communicate now in this silent culture of texting, though.

Cutie was a fascinating relationship in that I would categorize the entire interaction as a series of one night stands with the same guy. We saw each other for about 5 weeks, about once a week, and after every time I wondered if I would ever really see the guy again. The relationship was just that “casual.” I have a voicemail that Cutie left on my phone by accident. I lost my phone in his room and had him call me, then he forgot to turn off his phone so I have a 45 second voicemail with no content except some background noise. I listened to it the other day and thought it was a perfect metaphor for our interaction: silence, little content, and a forgetfulness thrown in there for good measure.

In fact, Serendipity (the last boyfriend) and I had very little interaction on the phone as well. I’d send a text and get a response back in a couple hours. We talked on the phone, meaningfully, once. Otherwise, our entire relationship was a texting match or a phone call just to iron out a detail that the texting couldn’t. In comparison to the first relationship I had where texts actually cost money and we had to call one another to figure out what the hell we were doing that evening, the last few guys I’ve dated have been all texts. I only spoke to Dominos on the phone once, and that was to break up with him!

So, I feel like now I can trump the “I got dumped with a text” statement and say: “I got dumped with a 5 hour grace period I gave him to respond to my booty call and heard nothing, so I’m assuming we’re done through his use of the choice of a Non-Text.” No message, but I get it loud and clear. So, I won’t respond to your non response and you can take that non-commital answer as a rebuttal to your first non-commital non-response.

And, anyway: I have a pretty exciting date tomorrow night with an MFA student whose going to Columbia. Hah!

I’m Non-Texting the world right now with how much I love being single. Right. Now….

October 24, 2012 at 4:59 pm by Natalie Allen