The Make-Out

I found myself staring at my cellphone and wondering what the hell to say back to his statement. How does one respond to a statement? I wished you well with what you had planned for the day, and you responded, a few hours later, with a statement. So… Ball’s in my court and I feel like it didn’t even get the power needed for that ball to bounce up and let me hit it back to you. *Cue sound of a tire going flat as the budding seeds of a could-be hook-up crinkle and waste away* pffffrrrrttt!!

Oh well. I was pretty drunk when we wound up sucking face at the bar in Williamsburg and then drunkenly swapped numbers.

More than anything, getting the affirmation that I could look at a guy, chat with him for an hour in a crowded, hopping, jazz-playing, trendy bar full of other good looking 20-somethings and then wind up making-out with him, feels pretty good. My friends gave me a big high five and I eagerly goggled at my phone the entirety of the next day in anticipation of a fulfillment of an inebriated promise to text me. “Hey, I just met you. And this is crazy. But, here’s my number… Call me, maybe?”

My roommates are both currently in very new, committed relationships and I am in full swing of singledom and not feeling sorry for myself one bit. I feel like I have come a long way from the 23 year old self who would have looked at the happy couples and wanted to bury my head in the sand. The only irritation is not having a private bedroom for entertainment (sharing a room with my sister) Womp Womp. But, even with that road-block, I feel exuberant. I’ve been working out like crazy and New York seems to have noticed. I can’t walk down the street to get a coffee without a comment. “Um, Ew, thanks, but, no thanks.”

I’ll be 25 in a couple days and I feel very excited about what the next “Year of Natalie” will have in store. What I really want: more fun-filled socializing and autumnal explorations of the 20-something males who seem, just as suddenly as the 10,000 babies, to be cropping up like spring daisies.

And, Oh, Boy do they smell super sweet….

September 2, 2012 at 6:51 pm by Natalie Allen