Not Feeling It

When one has to convince themselves that the person they are on a date with is really wonderful and attractive, one needs to take a step back from the situation and assess the real meaning of “I’m convincing myself that this is true!” …when actually, it really isn’t.

In improv, a big lesson I’ve learned is that sarcasm is not translatable to an audience member and sometimes a scene partner as well, therefore it can be a killer to a scene. Say what you feel, and mean it, rather than making the other actor on stage do some guess work as to what your character really means when they are using certain inflections in their voice. So In Improv: So In Life. Look at the situation, and take what the real meaning of the inflections are, and go with that; dancing around a subject only makes the mystery of that subject bigger than anything you could possibly hope to name later on. *TheĀ Name the Noun blog post I wrote a while back really addressed this with more clarity*

I went on my second date with the Camera Man (Hot European guy posed with a camera in his Facebook photo) today and felt as if I was laughing a little too loud, talking a little too much, feeling a little too tired out around him. Then, the real kicker: sitting in probably one of the most romantically secluded parks in the city (literally 2 couples came in and made out while we were sitting there) and wanting to pull out my iPhone to play scrabble instead of sit next to him and tempt his lips toward mine.

*Cue the sound of a buzzer*
“…and will someone show our contestant off the stage? Stay tuned for a brief commercial break as we pull on another volunteer from the audience, folks!”

Roll the credits, thank the producers of this wonderful two-part date-a-thon, and… move on.

I walked back home after watching some more improv as a way to get my mind off of the flat-lining heart alarm that seemed to be whining in my brain. It seems I really can be super picky about the types I wind up falling for… or am I? I drew up a list of qualities I am looking for and on closer inspection I really don’t think I am asking for too much! Right?

- Straight Male
- Blue, grey, green or hazel eyes a MUST
- Tall
- Nerdy
- In decent shape physically
- Practices good hygiene
- Passionate
- Must love their family
- Can’t be ignorant about basic social functions (i.e. talking really loud in a public place, like a deli or something, when no one is laughing nor even paying attention to the idiocy coming out of your mouth… that’s SO embarrassing to be the girl on the arm of that guy.)
- Must have a strong friend group
- Must have a steady job and living situation
- A decent wardrobe (meaning: seeing you in the same t-shirt every time I see you is cute at first, and then I wonder what the hell you’re wearing when you wash that. Or do you wash that? Ew.)

September 26, 2012 at 2:10 pm by Natalie Allen