I Love Him/ I Love Him Not

My Interpretation of a Thought Gone Free…

(Disclaimer: This is not a particular thought about anyone at the moment, just more of a compilation of thoughts I, and the women close to me in my life, have had in the past!)
I love him.
I love him not.
I Think I love him!!!
i love him not.
Mmmm… Nope.
But, really I like him so much when he does ____.
But, we can’t.
Oh. This might work…
I should say something. 
No. I should just kiss him.
Ew. Having sex with him!?!
Mmmm, having sex with him.
Ugh. I won’t do anything. I’ll just wait.
Maybe I’m just overreacting.
I don’t know anymore.
I don’t know what to do with anything, as a matter of fact.
Facts are hard work. I have a strong dislike of factual stuff, actually.
But, really: I’m just over reacting. I do that a lot.
I’m a PASSIONATE person!!!!
I am so passionate, I am already imagining what my wedding dress will look like once I admit my love!
Oh, ew. I would never marry him. 
Why is that fly buzzing around my head? There is plenty of dirty laundry in that corner. Am I really that gross?
He’d never want to have sex if he saw what I look liked right now. Haha!
I’ll coerce him into doing the dirty deed with a dirty deed-doing human, like me!
Speaking of deeds… I should take a shower and start my day.
I wonder when he’ll call. 
He’s not in to me. 
He just wants to be friends. Gross. I don’t want another stupid friend. 
Yeah, he just wants to hang with me and flirt a lot.
He also forgets all sorts of important information about me.

WHY hasn’t he called yet!?!

I get so annoyed! I HATE him!

I hate men!

He’s all, like, into his career and stuff.
He’s so driven, he has no time to be in to me. 
God, I love when guys aren’t in to me… it shows a certain level of passion.

I have a lot of passion, as I have thought before. 

We have so much in common!

I love passion.
I love him. 

September 23, 2012 at 7:24 pm by Natalie Allen