Reflective Walk

I walked past the houses lined up along the promenade at 2:30am. I was the only person on the street. I had just walked inland from the beach where I had been hanging out with the last visitors of the HUGE party my family threw last weekend called the Hoover Hootenanny. I was walking back to my great Aunt’s house on the Jersey Shore.

There was no one else awake, let alone out on the street. I looked with long indulgent stares at the cookie cutter Victorian architecture that passed me as I moseyed over to the house.

The sky was black, no stars.

The air was still, no wind.

The neighborhood was silent, no sound.

I felt wholly and completely alone, and yet not sad. Just thoughtful and reflective and overall excited about being on the Jersey Shore and away from New York for a night.

A lot has happened this past week, no boredom.

Oh, Summer. You rock.

July 24, 2012 at 2:23 am by Natalie Allen