My One-Year-Old

Today marks the one year anniversary of my blog!

Thank you, thank you. Yes, it’s been quite the year, really. If one were to quantify this all in terms of men passing in, passing through, and passing out there wouldn’t be a whole lot to this blog. I feel really happy with where my mind has expanded and explored in terms of what life in New York has thrown at me. Gone are the days of online dating, gone are the long bloated silences between entries in which I felt as if I had nothing poignant to say. Here are the plethora of entries, one parading on the heels of the next as each day seems to come with its own package of wonder and beauty and excitement.

Thank you for reading and sharing and responding. I’ve now officially reached over 5,000 hits (Yay!) and I’m growing every day from the readers I have in Russia, England, China, Australia, Germany, Canada, Spain, the US and Brazil. I hope to have more people I can share my thoughts with, because that really is a gift to me to be able to do.

Here’s to growth! Here’s to a really satisfying way of documenting my 20’s! And here’s to you: my readers! Without you, I wouldn’t write publicly, I would just continue to fill up journals with thoughts that wouldn’t get shared and by sharing them I feel bolder and stronger and far smarter.

Much love, you wonderful, fantastic readers. Here’s to another full year!

July 20, 2012 at 5:42 am by Natalie Allen