The Tip Of The Tongue

We were standing on the platform for the 7 train. It was another one of these deliciously warm spring days we’ve been having so many of this season. The sun was beginning to set and we had both paused to watch the train we had just gotten off pull away and then travel on into the distance. The Woodside station in Queens sits pretty high up from street level, and if you stand at the right place, you can see a gorgeous panoramic view of the skyline of New York.

I felt my hand go up to feel his and the two of us stood in awe of the sheer wonder that the scene was displaying for us. “This would be a great moment” I thought, “to say ‘I love you.’ “

What’cha thinkin’, Nat?”
Oh, a bunch of things involving a three word phrase that feels like it’s ready to pry open my lips and jump out of me, but I feel like I can’t say… just yet. We’ve only been seeing each other for a month!
“I’m taking in the scene, Serendipity. I’m drinking this in. It’s so beautiful.”
“Yes. Perfect.”
“I l-l-liiiikke you so much.”
“Me too, Nat.”
I leaned in to kiss him and we smooched on the platform for a few minutes, until the next 7 pulled in and hundreds of Mets fans poured out of the train, diluting the breezy subway platform make-out with drunken sounds of cheering and screeching train brakes. Pulling apart, sharing a smile, and without saying a word, the two of us began to make our decent down to street level to go grab a slice of pizza and ice-cream. As we made our way I looked back at where we had stood in that moment and promised myself that more moments are coming.
And then I wondered how much strength I have left to not say the ‘L’ word out loud the next time a perfect moment comes along.

April 9, 2012 at 8:05 pm by Natalie Allen