Beautiful People

I sat in my sister’s dorm kitchen and picked at my lavender painted nails.
“I need to get another Manicure…” I observed. “I like getting manicures, it makes me feel so grown up.”
My Sister nodded her head in a half observed approval as she washed dough from the biscotti she was making off her fingers and in to the sink. A Manicure right now would be about as useful to her as a fish with a bicycle.

I thought back to the events of the day. I was up visiting Saratoga for the weekend and just so happened to pick campus “Fun Day” to arrive. Fun Day is a day devoted to debauchery and silliness all executed by the most gorgeous group of people I have ever seen. I had no clear idea about what I was getting into until I was standing on the green of the college campus and was totally inundated with hundreds of young, beautiful and fucked up college students running around me.

There were tiger stripes, see-through tights, “shirts” consisting of bras and bathing suit tops, and (some people) were just plain butt-naked. I felt very over dressed in my turquoise tank-top and jeans. “I feel like I walked into a Colgate commercial of what an idealized, over-sexed campus fantasy college must look like.” I observed. I’m 24, and yet, standing on that green, I felt 44: “What on Earth is that girl wearing? Where is that young man’s pants? Oh, Lord. That’s a used condom! Are people having sex out here!?!” I eventually retired to a quieter spot with my sister and drank a cup of coffee while watching teenagers get spat out of a blown up castle that one would see at a ten-year-old’s birthday party. As each one rolled out (ass-backwards and bowled over, landing on their heads) there was a face splitting grin and then they’d get up to run around to the front to do all over again. I turned to see my Sister’s smile at the joy of the day. She noticed me looking and said casually “I have no desire to do that, but that looks really fun.”

I laughed. “Yeah,” I responded. “I don’t either.”

I already did it once, and revisiting just confirmed that that Manicure will feel really good. Maybe a pink. I feel so grown up when I get a new one.

April 29, 2012 at 3:10 am by Natalie Allen