The Art of Going Solo

I changed my look.

It was time. It’s almost been 9 whole months that I’ve been writing this outlet of Boy/Girl experiences, and I feel like The Baby needs a new crib.
My Solo Show is coming up in about a week and a half. I am petrified. Although my mom and I did a photo shoot together that involved 2 wedding veils, fake eyelashes, and a diamond ring and I am very happy with how the photos came out. The interesting thing about the solo show and the wedding photos is that all of it is based on my ex. Who is currently married. There was no fake wedding involved with that guy.
I’ve been wondering lately… is it possible to ever know that maybe someone is doing a tremendous amount of talking about you without you even being around them? If that’s true then Hollywood actors would have to be really good at ignoring those feelings all the time…
But, in all seriousness. I’ll talk about certain people until my face is red and I’m thinking of them and only them, and I wonder if they could ever really know. Do their ears tingle, like the old saying goes? Who knows… We all talk about each other at some point. Some in more capacity than others. It’s just human nature. But, it would be some kind of super power to have the ability to know when someone is talking about you and in what kind of capacity. Although, I would not want that power. Yeesh.
I dedicate the Solo Show to myself. It’s based on a dream I had once. It wasn’t a terrible dream, but it wasn’t pleasant. And it involved a marriage.
The Show is March 9th at the Magnet Theatre at 9pm.

February 28, 2012 at 5:44 am by Natalie Allen