When I clicked the “Book Now” button on the bottom right of the screen I waited for the Earth to shake. I had just purchased two tickets to Thailand. Where was the earth shattering moment of “-Hold the Phone- Natalie Bought a one month ticket to another world!” Traffic stops, people hold their breath as the sweeping news travels by some magic from door to door. Big News! Big Doin’s!

I looked out the window of my living room and the world looked the same. The trees swayed like they normally do, the sky was still dark, the traffic still droned on… yet, I felt like I had walked into another dimension. I’m going to Thailand. For a month. May 24-June 22nd. G’bye America, Hello World!
The interesting thing about this whole trip is planning it out. Having never been to Thailand (and, really the closest I have ever been was India) I feel I am at the mercy of the advice I can gather from other travelers. Hopefully I can hook up with some friends of friends and get an insider to show me and my sister around Bangkok. I want some good advice as to the best way of getting to Chang Mai and where the best hiking can be done. We’ll be there for four weeks, which hopefully can give us plenty of time to go to the beach and temples and cities and rural villages and just explore.
Oh, Joy. I feel so joyful. I can’t believe I’m making this happen for myself. Living the Roaring 20’s to the extreme!!

February 1, 2012 at 7:43 pm by Natalie Allen