Me: (Walking down 48th street, it’s a bright, sunny Day. I’m covered in sweat from the gym, have wet laundry on my arm, I’m thinking about potential apartments I want to move in to…
Oh, he just walked past. He had nice eyes.)
Him: (From behind me) Stony Brook?
Me: (Turning around. Did he just call me or did I imagine that?)
Him: Did you go to Stony Brook?
Me: Yeah…
Him: Hey! I thought I recognized you! We worked at Staller together!
Me: (What the Fuck? I don’t remember… oh wait. He does look familiar! And he’s got really nice eyes!) Oh! Hey! That’s riiiiight! Good to see you, youuuuu…
Him: I’m Serendipity! (Obviously not his name.)
Me: Hi Serendipity! I’m Natalie! You live in this neighborhood?
Him: Yeah, I live right here. (points to building right next to my building)
Me: Woah! I live right there!
Him: Really?
Me: How long have you been here?
Him: Year and a half.
Me: (!?!?!?!) Me too! (Why have I not seen a cutie like yourself before?!) Do you ever go to the cafe up the block?
Him: All the time!
Me: (well, the fates decided that I needed to meet you, and you decided to talk to me, and so:) We should go sometime and catch up! grab a coffee or something?
Him: Sure! Here’s my number.
Me: (Could this be any sweeter?) Here’s mine.
Him: Great! So I’ll see you around! I’m off to go to work helping coach kids in Harlem and being generally a badass.
Me: Wow. Ok, See ya! Shoot me a text ‘er something.
Him: Great! Bye!
Me: (turning around. I’m holding my breath so I don’t laugh out loud. What are the odds that that should happen? I need a shower. And the best part is the next time I see him I can only look even better.)
What a week it’s been.

February 26, 2012 at 5:20 pm by Natalie Allen