2am: 5th Avenue, NYC.

I walked uptown after work. A bunch of co-workers were going out for a birthday and I was not in a celebratory mood, so I excused myself for a stroll. It was New York City, and more specifically, 5th avenue at 2am. I was on the phone with someone, talking animatedly and laughing loudly in the echoing, empty streets.
…Wait. I was on the phone with someone at 2am on a Friday night? I excused myself from going out and partying so I could walk uptown in the middle of the night and talk on the phone? Huh.
I found myself at the New York Public Library’s branch at Byrant Park and sat on the steps for a while. The conversation was still going. The Lions at the entrance to the Library seemed to be the only ones listening, as the streets were empty. My phone date commented about how romantic the moment was… Yeah, I thought so, too: Sitting on the steps of the NYPL at 2am in NYC is pretty damn romantic. This doesn’t happen very often. The number of times I have had conversations that have stretched on for more than a hour have (thankfully) been somewhat plentiful in my life, but when they happen they’re a beautiful thing, and I think it says a lot about the person on the other end of the phone. And, generally, when those long satisfying conversations occur I tend to want more of them, and this guy is really, really good at having them with me.
So, this guy… on the phone… likes me. A lot. And, I think I like him too…. So. Soooooo. Now what? Now, that it’s almost 1pm the next day, I am looking at bus tickets and I am looking like I am leaving New York to go visit this guy, who lives in Philadelphia. And I think we’ll have even more conversations.
I’m feeling somewhat wary. Especially after Dominos. I want to measure my moves with more weight. I want to be cautious about not getting burned, or burnt out.
But, I am a glutton for adventure and I’ll give Philadelphia a try.
I leave on Tuesday.

February 4, 2012 at 5:43 pm by Natalie Allen