My face is now back to full capacity for everything (yay sneezing, nose blowing and nose picking!). I keep spending a few extra seconds in the bathroom at work (you know, because at work spending those few extra seconds makes a whole shift go by a little easier…) analyzing my nose for any kinks, and honestly: as a professional Natalie Allen, I can say that I notice very little difference between what I look like now and what I looked like last Halloween. It’s incredible how lucky I am. I broke my nose and lived (and looked) the same after.

So… what else has been happening in my life lately? I have been around nothing but boys. Boys everywhere. I come home to boys, I go to work with boys, I hang out with Boys. Testosterone seems to be my eau du toilette. So much so, that when I agreed to begin rehearsal for a 10 minute play directed by and starring only women, I was quite taken aback at how much I have missed spending time in the company of females. Granted, I’ve noticed a bit of a change in myself in that social respect. Since I’ve been hanging with the fella’s pretty exclusively I’ll have no qualm with cracking a poop joke and laughing really hard at a loud fart. But, the ladies have offered a number of other great ways to enjoy life. At rehearsal earlier this week there were quite a few jokes shared about period blood and vaginas (which, I don’t really have to point out are somewhat of a taboo joke subject with the Dudes). I laughed pretty hard watching one of my co-stars flop around on the floor like a rag-a-muffin over the potential idea of a hypothetical party being over. Would a guy lose his shit over a party ending? Maybe not.
Another rehearsal tomorrow with the ladies before our performance on Monday the 12th. I’m psyched about bathing myself in some positive estrogen waves before going back home to the apartment where currently 4 boys are living, eating, drinking and existing in one place, with only little old me to hold up the dirty sheets they sleep on and exclaim in my most annoying voice: “you guys are sleeping on SARS sheets! Gross! Do your laundry!” Such is my life. And a few extra seconds in the bathroom before bed to stare at my nose can really go a long way to pass a shift at home too…

December 7, 2011 at 5:13 am by Natalie Allen