Black Eye

Person: “Oh my god! What happened to your eye? Did you get in a fight?”

Me: “Yeah. This guy tried to mug me as I was leaving work. He grabbed my bag and gave me a good sock in the face before running. But, I was too quick for him, I beat the shit out of him, got my bad back, and then called the cops on his ass.”
Person: “…woah. Really? Damn.”
Me: “um… I might have made a few of those details up… and I might have just fallen off my bike and on to my face.”
I’ve never been in a situation before where my face tells a story before I can even open my mouth. Granted, all of us give off a “story” about who we are simply by the clothes we wear, the color of our skin, the people we are walking (or not walking) with. But, I feel as though the last few weeks I have been existing in a new realm of being. I’ve spent the month of November with a black eye and a story to tell. Certainly the “break” I have been pining for for the last few weeks prior to the accident. I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed this whole experience, I’ll find myself looking at a mirror and agonizing over whether I can tell if my nose looks different or not (although everyone is insisting it doesn’t). I walk around the city with a brimmed hat on in the hopes that the purple bruise currently subletting the space under my eye is over looked as tired bags of exhaustion. I apply cover-up to my face before work, sometimes darkly chuckling over how I’d always prided myself on knowing I wouldn’t be in a relationship with a guy who would ever give me a black eye, but managed to get one regardless. Every day small victories are achieved: The first sneeze (My nose didn’t fall off!!), The first real laugh (sore, but not painful), The first nose blowing (ahhhhhhhh, I can breathe!!) It feels like I am repairing back to my old self, just with a whole new perspective on how awesome my nose is when it’s not broken.
In other news: I haven’t heard from, nor contacted Mr. Tall. That’s really OK with me. I think back to the wonderful adventures we had, and smile, but don’t feel like I need to pursue him further.
I’ve been dreaming of traveling to wonderfully exotic places and Thailand has been calling my name. Flights there are cheap, and the country itself is cheap to stay in as well. I’ve been talking with a couple of people who have been there and all of the unanimously told me that Thailand was one of the best places they have ever been. I’m drooling just thinking about it. I’m toying with the idea of going there in March for 4 weeks. There are a ton of back-packers there and I’ve been given the advice that all one has to do is make friends with some of these people and travel around in packs with them. How Cool!! Sign me up!
Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22, 2011 at 5:43 pm by Natalie Allen