A Big Bite Out of the Apple

It’s always amazing to me that when I feel as though things are looking great and wonderful, I’ll need to keep an eye out for catastrophe which I always feel is waiting right around the corner. It’s as if life has a way of saying: “Yes, enjoy it now because at any moment Fate might come around and take the biggest of all dumps right on top of your head…”

Granted, I know I live a very lucky and overall happy life, but cleaning up the massive crap pile that accumulates after Fate took her fair share of your attention is never fun. The upside, I guess, is remembering not to stand in the same place so that when Fate decides to come back and unload herself again, you’re not standing there ready to take it.
As a means of some control over the stress I’ve been experiencing at my job and personal life, I bought a MacBook Air. Yep. She’s a thing of beauty. I brought her in to work last night, and as a form of protection from the crumbs and bits of soiled paper at the bottom of my book bag I put “Lola” (the new computer’s name) inside of a manila envelop. Oh, she’s so tiny and smart. She’s the physical embodiment of the saying “I wish I could put you in my pocket and carry you around so you can make me smile.” I got Lola instead of an iPad. I was debating for weeks about getting an iPad because I have a lot of auditions coming up and I was thinking it might be really high-tech and professional if I got one of those tablets to sort through any websites I might be building or youtube videos I may want to show. My friend who works at the Apple store on 5th Avenue convinced me that I should just go the whole 9 yards and get the Air. He even got me a small discount! Lucky me. As I was standing outside of the Apple Store waiting for my friend I couldn’t help but stare at the half eaten, rotting apples lining the walls of the store. In tribute to Steve Jobs, there was a massive shrine to the man consisting of the typical bunches of flowers, candles, notes, a picture of Steve that looked remarkably like Gandhi, and a bushel’s worth of half eaten apples. As I stared at the plethora of tourists snapping shots of the shrine I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. Rotting half-eaten apples? Really? and on 5th Avenue? If I were to visit a shrine in my honor after I’ve passed into the great beyond, I would really appreciate it if there was no garbage left to represent all the work I’ve done. Yuck.
Mr. Tall and I are meeting this Friday. He says he has an “adventure planned” for me. I’m really excited! I haven’t seen him since our jaunt to P.J.Clark’s for the scotch/bourbon. He was out of town for a while. I kept debating about whether I should text him or not, but decided to let him make the move. I’ve done a lot of pursuing the last few months, if he wants me that bad, he can call me, right? So far, all that’s needed is a little patience. More of that to come…

October 17, 2011 at 5:38 pm by Natalie Allen