Falling in to line

It’s the “fall into autumn” time of year: a time when one looks at the leaves for golden lining, and the sun begins to grow your shadow to longer, bigger lengths, exaggerating your height so you look ten feet tall. The air is humid, but one gets the feeling that that heavy moisture is only the last vestiges of summer, whispering with her hot breath as she is chased away by autumnal thunderstorms that bring cooler, crisp temperatures that make the first hot tea of the season extra nice. I feel change in my bones, in my hair, in my organs, in my fingers, in my legs and in my health. I feel different. I can’t quite put my finger on when or where this change occurred, but sometimes Change can come in very silently and only after a very long time you might notice that Change has made the room your living in different, the wardrobe your wearing more grown-up and flattering, and the thoughts you were once so used to thinking all the time: simply stop running through your head.

Last night I fell asleep with a “flash forward” thought in my brain. I imagined a facebook status update of mine saying : “I JUST GOT SIGNED BY AN AGENT!!!” What a wonderful thought to fall asleep to. And, just as my mind was wandering off into the nether regions of sleep, I realized: I’m not thinking about my ex. I’m not thinking about the lack of a boyfriend, I’m not wishing someone was sharing my bed right now… in fact, I like sleeping alone. Wha-?! When did that happen? Oh, hello Change. I didn’t see you there. How nice of you to come in.
A case in point: I was on line for an improv show tonight. The Harold Night at the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) is a very popular venue and sells out every week. I was in the stand-by line holding a hot cup of Lemon Zinger and wishing my nose would stop leaking down the front of my face. It’s fall. I get sick with the change of the season. I’ve just come to accept it.
I was pretending that there was something interesting on the screen of my iphone so as to avoid the sometimes painfully awkward act of waiting in line, when I looked up at the person who had just joined the line behind me. He was a tall guy, nice smile, and he looked oddly familiar. We caught each other’s eyes and I blurted: “you look familiar. Have I met you before?” He smiled.
“No, I don’t think so… I’m [Tall guy who dances and has taken classes at the UCB. But, he’ll go by ‘Tall’ for short…]”
Me: (snot’s running down my nose, I can’t breathe well and I haven’t showered in 2 days, plus, I spent the entire day watching a 2 year old pick her nose and shit her diaper, I am by no means glamorous nor do I have the energy to care about any of physical features I am currently sporting) Oh, my mistake. It’s nice to meet you, Tall.
Tall: You take classes here? What level are you in?
Me: (ahh, the old: Let’s see how advanced you are, and if I should alter my conversation based on your level of expertise… I suck back mucus into my nose instead.) Level 2.
Tall: Oh, ok. That’s cool your here to see the Harold Teams. I’ve decided to retire from taking classes, I’ve gone up to level 3.
Me: (Well, I haven’t scared him off with the snotty nose and the lack of energy, so I might as well pass the time I have to spend in line by talking with this guy) Cool! So, you an actor?
We talked for about 20 minutes. Tall seemed like a nice guy, although I couldn’t tell if there was a lack of chemistry on my part or if I was just feeling sick and tired, but I gave him my number anyway once the line started to move. That’s the second time I have given my number to a good looking stranger… I’m liking this trend of the “I don’t care that much anymore” attitude. Plus, Tall hit on my when I was feeling and looking pretty poopy, if I meet up with him again, I won’t have to spend a lot of time or energy looking better than tonight.
Thanks, Change! The place looks great! And I’m getting a lot of numbers…

September 28, 2011 at 4:14 am by Natalie Allen