Shopping Around

It seems everyone has their own opinions and metaphors on Love and finding “The One”

I guess I would lump myself into the category of “exploratory and positive” yet, somehow I can’t shake this feeling that what I mean by “exploratory” is: I am Shopping for a guy that will fit. I emphasize Shopping because in many respects it is almost the same experience to pick up a piece of clothing at a store, feel the fabric, check the price, look over the color, maybe walk around the store with it. And, if one feels really inclined: go into the dressing room and try the thing on. But, for me anyway, I can shop for hours and never buy anything.
…And that’s just clothing. Clothing doesn’t have an opinion of you. Nor does clothing feel hurt if you spend a long time deciding if you want to buy it, but then dump it in the baby toys section before heading out to go on with the rest of your day.
I’m in the throes of learning how to say “No, Thanks. You seem nice, but I’ve decided I’m not interested.” I’ve never been very good at saying no. When offered something (especially something free) the penny-pinching-twenty-something that I am rears her fickle head and cries: “But think of the bargain!! THINK OF IT!” Like: Grandma offering me more cake, even though I’ve already had two pieces, the voice says: “Cake? Delicious cake? and it’s free? third piece is always a charm! screw feeling sick, the cake will make me feel better!”
So: As I enter date #2 with several of these fellas, I have a very strong feeling that date #3 will not be an option for some of them. Because, date 2 means you’ve established a connection, but will that translate to another time and place, where you can’t fall back on talking about what your parents do for a living? Is there enough chemistry to float awkward silences or lack of anything witty or original to say? And if date #2 goes relatively well: does date #3 mean that a kiss might be involved? (EEEEKK!!!) But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Live in the moment, right? Afterall, I’m only picking that dress off of the rack, I like the color and the texture, and it’s sitting in my cart, but I haven’t made my way to the dressing room yet. Nor do I have to…
I am about to get ready to go meet Josh: The first date #2.
The Call-Back’s begin.

July 24, 2011 at 4:26 pm by Natalie Allen